WEEDEATER Announces Thrilling European Tour Dates

Posted on June 10, 2024

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Y’all hear that? The rumble in the distance ain’t your drunk uncle on his third pass at the chili cook-off; it’s the almighty, riff-crushing, eardrum-busting caravan of renegades known as WEEDEATER. And guess what, Europe? They’re stormin’ your castles with a tour chock-full of Southern-fried metal madness that’s heavier than a double-loaded barbecue platter after Mardi Gras.

Catch them on the following dates, presented by Tone Deaf Touring:
12 July: Erfurt, DE @ Stoned From the Underground
13 July: Lille, FR @ La Bulle Cafe
14 July: London, UK @ Underworld
17 July: Helsinki, FI @ Kuudes Linja
19 July: Praia de Quiaios, PT @ Woodrock Festival
21 July: Manchester, UK @ Rebellion
22 July: Dublin, IE @ Grand Social
24 July: Wiesbaden, DE @ Schlachthof
25 July: Berlin, DE @ Neue Zukunft
26 July: Cottbus, BE @ Bluemoon Festival

Brace yourselves for a night filled with the kind of head-bangin’, foot-stompin’, soul-shakin’ debauchery that only WEEDEATER can deliver. Them syrupy slow riffs will resonate in your bones, the canyon-deep bass will rumble your guts, and hard-hittin’ drumming will slap the sobriety right outta your system.

WEEDEATER‘s fifth full-length installment merges true Southern rock and metal with their unique blend of raw humor, old religion, and tributes to weed and whiskey. Goliathan not only showcased WEEDEATER‘s distinctively syrupy slow riffs, buoyed by canyon-deep bass, but also encapsulates the band’s full-on swagger and shuffle like never before. The album is a landmark in their adventurous journey through music, embodying the crossroads of their musical and thematic elements at their absolute peak.

Y’all best brace yourselves for a double whammy of tunes—you’ll get a healthy dose of the swampy, thunderous tracks from Goliathan and some bona fide WEEDEATER classics that’ll shake your very soul. And hey, if you truly can’t wait to get your live fix, you can always haul yourself over to the Season of Mist Webshop to grab your self a copy.

Order: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/WeedeaterGoliathan

  1. Processional
  2. Goliathan
  3. Cain Enabler
  4. Bow Down
  5. Battered & Fried
  6. Claw Of The Sloth
  7. Bully
  8. Joseph (All Talk)
  9. Reprise
  10. Benaddiction
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