Wormhole Battle Final Boss on “Spine Shatter High-Velocity Impact”

Posted on August 22, 2023

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WORMHOLE warp brutal riffs and screeching dissonance into a signature tech-slam combo. So it’s no surprise that the Baltimore band are huge gamers. Their new album ‘Almost Human’ was inspired by stomping fools at Metroid and Doom as much as headbanging to Artificial Brain and Dysrhythmia.

Today, Wormhole are premiering a heroic new single with Slam Worldwide. Watch the monstrous visualizer for “Spine Shatter High-Velocity Impact” HERE.

‘Almost Human’ comes out 22 September. Pre-save the album HERE. Pre-order it HERE.

“This song has our hero struggling as they make their last stand,” says Wormhole. “They’re desperately trying to rally, but despite their rage, they just keep falling apart. Is the impossible really going to happen? Is our hero, the one we love and cherish so much, really going to lose?”

“Spine Shatter High-Velocity Impact” might be the fastest and sludgiest song on ‘Almost Human’. But it’s definitely the most disgusting. Brothers Sanil and Sanjay Kumar scrape out stomach-churning riffs, while the rhythm section chews on the breakdown. Julian Kersey’s death growl is so fierce and rotten, you can practically smell the stench wafting through your speakers.

  1. System Erase
  2. Elysiism
  3. Spine Shatter High-Velocity Impact
  4. Data Fortress Orbital Stationary
  5. Delta Labs
  6. Almost Human
  7. Bleeding Teeth Fungus
  8. The Grand Oscillation
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