A Fallen Temple

Artist: Septicflesh

Catalog Number: SOM288

Release Date: January 17th, 2014

Release Date US: January 21st, 2014

  1. Brotherhood Of The Fallen Knights
  2. The Eldest Cosmonaut
  3. Marble Smiling Face
  4. Underworld Act 1
  5. Temple Of The Lost Race
  6. The Crypt
  7. Setting Of The Two Suns
  8. Erebus
  9. Underworld Act 2
  10. The Eldest Cosmonaut [Dark Mix]
  11. The Last Time
  12. Underworld Act 3
  13. Finale
  14. The Eldest Cosmonaut [Single Version]

A Fallen Temple', the fourth full-length in the long-running career of Greek metal luminaries SEPTICFLESH, occupied a unique space in the band's history upon its original release in '98. The album featured re-recordings from their savage debut LP 'Temple of the Lost Race' interspersed amongst some of the band's most avant-garde work to date. The heightened atmospherics, synthesized orchestration, and angelic soprano vocals affirmed the bold and adventurous creative direction the band had begun to follow, and was the perfect bridge to what was coming with 1999's 'Revolution DNA'. Recommended if you like: ROTTING CHRIST, BEHEMOTH, DIMMU BORGIR, CARACH ANGREN, MOONSPELL

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