Shape of Despair

Alone In The Mist

Artist: Shape of Despair

Catalog Number: SOM405

Release Date: December 9th, 2016

  1. Down Into The Stream
  2. To Adorn...
  3. Shadowed Dreams
  4. Woundheir
  5. ...In The Mist
  6. Outro

Before releasing four albums that all became cornerstones of funeral doom metal, Shape of Despair was named Raven. Recorded in 1998 while the band was still performing under that moniker, this legendary demo was never officially released until now. Jarno Salomaa (guitar): "It was only copied to a few tape traders and our closest friends... Being underground as much as possible, I guess. Now is a good time to properly publish this demo for the first time ever. Something to look at and listen to as it was meant to be instead of having it on a burned CD or a worn out cassette".

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