Black Metal ist Krieg

Artist: Nargaroth

Catalog Number: SUA140

Release Date: October 21st, 2022

    Black Metal ist Krieg

  1. Introduction
  2. Black Metal Ist Krieg
  3. Far Beyond The Stars
  4. Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River
  5. I Burn For You
  6. The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem
  7. Pisen Pro Satana
  8. Amarok - Zorn Des Lammes III
  9. Erik, May You Rape The Angels
  10. The Gates Of Eternity
  11. Possessed By Black Fucking Metal

Cult black metal outfit NARGAROTH is now reissuing all seven of its full-length records via Season of Mist on CD format! Vinyl counterparts will be announced at a later date.  

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