Blöod Düster

Blöod Düster

Artist: Blöod Düster

Catalog Number: SOM086

Release Date: January 26th, 2004

  1. ForThoseAboutToFuck
  2. Idi
  3. SixSixSixteen
  4. CockJunkie
  5. Sellout N
  6. IWannaDoItWithADonna
  7. FruityRelationships
  8. HeroinPunk
  9. Sk8ergrrl
  10. BadHabbits
  11. OnTheStage
  12. VeganFeast
  13. DrinkFightFuck
  14. TonyGoesToCourt (Skit)
  15. OnTheHunt
  16. CurrentTrends
  17. Underground
  18. DrugFiend
  19. AchinForAnACup
  20. DahmerTheEmbalmer
  21. ShesAJunkie
  22. NuCorprateBONUS TRACKS
  23. orneryhornery

Classic Rock meets Black Sabbath in a Grind Core band??? Australian Blood Duster do it again, with their patented self depreciating sense of humour! Creating and implementing both musical and social havoc for over a decade now, BLOOD DUSTER are responsible for some of the most infamous album releases of all time. And certainly, we expected nothing less with their latest offering, simply titled "Blood Duster". Huge production and sound, controversial and as unpollitically correct as it can get, this album is a breath of fresh air for anyone into Metal, Hardcore or even Rock N Roll. Featuring guest vocalist and ORIGINAL AC/DC singer Dave Evans ! Featuring the track painfullnoisecalledhtabbaskcalb that has to be played (and read!) backward on your CD player !

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