Black Dawn

Blood for Satan

Artist: Black Dawn

Catalog Number: SOM064

Release Date: February 11th, 2002

  1. Pitbound The 4th Trial of Acolyte
  2. A Hymn to Grand Darkness The Creed of Hoath
  3. Of Blackest Witchcraft
  4. .Enemy of the Day
  5. Graverape Ritual The Hoath Manifesto
  6. A Horned Moon Rising
  7. Blood for Satan 8. To Haunt and to Feed
  8. When the Shadows Become Flesh
  9. Within Ye Woods, Before Ye Throne
  10. Awakenyng: Ye Dawn which Calleth Hate

Desecration. Self mutilation. Sodomy. Violence. Chaos. Lust for blood. And razors through flesh. This is BLACK DAWN's vision of total Armageddon. No remorse, no beauty, no mercy - just hatred and disgust for all humanity! Blazingly fast black metal in the unholy tradition of early Mayhem, Immortal and Darkthrone. Re-released at a new low price! "Blood for Satan must not only be heard but studied, venerated and perhaps placed in some sort of time capsule for the benefit of future generations." - Sea of Tranquility "Few more malicious." - Stormbringer "An obscure underground band that does not think you need abysmal production values to be 'True Black Metal.' Blood for Satan is a well-played, well-produced slab of black metal that will please many fans." -

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