Ava Inferi

Blood of Bacchus

Artist: Ava Inferi

Catalog Number: SOM201

Release Date: May 25th, 2009

  1. Truce
  2. Last Sign of Summer
  3. Colours of the Dark
  4. Black Wings
  5. Appeler les loups
  6. Be Damned
  7. Tempestade
  8. Blood of Bacchus
  9. Memoirs

AVA INFERI embrace the two hearts of their bi-national origins with blood-soaked hands. From Portugal derives a morbid fascination of death and ancient melancholy as materialised in its Fado songs full of longing and sadness. Norway contributes a harsh sense of darkness that has expressed itself most recently within the Metal genre. AVA INFERI are born out of the joining of two souls in a yin yang relationship. Rune Eriksen is a renowned composer on the black side of music and has gained many 'album of the year' awards for his outstanding work with MAYHEM. As opposed to the fierce Black Metal of his previous band, Rune's current work explores darkness in a far more gentle fashion. AVA INFERI drink deep from the wells of Doom and Gothic Metal, but always remain faithful to Eriksen's unique style, which is a far cry from any average verse/chorus structure. The white half of the band finds its champion in Carmen Simões. Her exceptional clear and emotional vocals have already gained her guest appearances with MOONSPELL, but it is only in AVA INFERI that her beautiful voice is unleashed to its full potential. With their third album "Blood of Bacchus" the Portuguese/Norwegian band deliver their finest work so far: drown in glorious sorrow and the subtlety of delicate songs!

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