Mora Prokaza

By Chance

Artist: Mora Prokaza

Catalog Number: SUA114

Release Date: July 3rd, 2020

  1. WIMG
  2. Im Not Yours
  3. Check It
  4. Im A Human
  5. I See This Way
  6. Madonna
  7. Be There
  8. Sorry Man
  9. Blacker Than Black

Welcome to the unnerving and anger driven world of MORA PROKAZA where madness reigns! Just like MORA PROKAZA, new opus ‘By Chance’ cannot be contained nor be put in one single musical category. A mixture between Avant Garde Black Metal and New School Trap, integrated with the Belarusian arts roots that lay so deep within. Take what you will from ‘By Chance’. The underlying aggression in its purest form or perhaps the philosophical glance towards spiritual growth...

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