Punish Yourself

Cult Movie (France only)

Artist: Punish Yourself

Catalog Number: SOM194

Release Date: March 16th, 2009

    CD 1

  1. Opening credits...
  2. ...Blood Is The Key
  3. Ghost Level
  4. Saint Alia Of The Knife
  5. Snakebiteredschmuck
  6. Dead Hills
  7. Cult Movie Remake
  8. Evil Lurks
  9. 12 Toons Army
  10. ...Badrattlesnakemickey
  11. We Shall Be The New Messiah
  12. Always Hungry
  13. Six Dollars, Sixty Six Cents
  14. Men In The Jungle / Heart Of Darkness
  15. 12 Toons Army... Badrattlesnakemickey (video)

    CD 2

  1. Gay Boys In Bondage
  2. Primitive
  3. Rock N' Roll Machine
  4. Holy Trinh Thi
  5. Eastern Western
  6. CNN War
  7. See Ya Later Alligator
  8. Gimme Cocaine
  9. U.S.D. (We Are Ready)
  10. Shadowsteelplastic
  11. They Don't Want You
  12. T4 Song
  13. Gimme (More) Cocaine
  14. Mole IX
  15. Les Eléphants

After the bombastic cyberpunk from "Sexplosive Locomotive" (2004) and the sophisticated electro-rock from "Gore Baby Gore!" (2006, reissued in 2008), the leaders of French industrial metal came back in 2007 with… an instrumental album! One could think this was a dramatic change in the band's musical style, especially since "Cult Movie" has more to do with a movie soundtrack than with a new dance floor hymn collection like the ones PUNISH YOURSELF was previously used to releasing. Actually this fifth album should rather be seen as an interlude on which the band pay tribute to the movie world and its music. Enjoy this wordless intermission where Electro, Punk, old-school Industrial, lunatic Jazz, Progressive Rock, Big-Beat and Harsh-Noise all meet under the flag of a giant Hollywood-like production! This reissue comes with a bonus disc including "Sexplosive Locomotive", PUNISH YOURSELF's classic third album, and three live bonus tracks and 2 videos.

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