Dark Space -II

Artist: Darkspace

Catalog Number: SOM776

Release Date: February 16th, 2024

    Dark Space -II

  1. Dark -2.-2

[Incoming Transmission: 1999] Amidst the cosmic echoes, a haunting scream reverberates through the vast expanse, picked up by the keen sonar of an orbiting satellite. Enter DARKSPACE, the triumvirate comprising of Wroth, Yhs & Zharaal, reaching out to the inhabitants of Earth. Categorically identified from I to III I, their previous sonic transmissions have captivated humanity in the last decades since their formation. [Broadcast: RELEASE – immediate delivery: 2023] DARKSPACE establishes contact with the earthlings yet again - an extensive aural manifestation materializes. Seemingly emerging out of the depths of a stellar-mass black hole, an otherworldly journey through the cosmos presents itself. With an icy-cold embrace and psychedelic conductance, the mysterious figures present a singular album of atmospheric black metal beyond human comprehension. Fractal electronic samples slice through layers of extraterrestrial drones, manifesting an immersive experience defying the boundaries of the conventional black metal genre. Vocal transmissions, like whispers from the outer reaches, seamlessly interwoven in the chilling mix, add a haunting dimension to the celestial configuration. Humans, prepare to embark on a voyage beyond the known realms. DARKSPACE invites you to submerge into the enigmatic voids of ‘Dark Space -II', where the frontiers of reality dissolve, and the other-worldly traces of black metal resonate with unparalleled intensity. DARKSPACE beckons you. Come explore the vast unknown. [Broadcast: END]

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