Opera Diabolicus

Death on a Pale Horse

Artist: Opera Diabolicus

Catalog Number: SOM631

Release Date: November 26th, 2021

  1. Listen everybody
  2. Bring Out Your Dead
  3. Second Coming
  4. Siren’s Call
  5. Darkest Doom on the Brightest of Days
  6. A song of Detestation
  7. Little Sister
  8. Night Demon
  9. At Nighttime

Listen everybody, bring out OPERA DIABOLICUS! The Swedish combo have created the perfect horror musical with a little help from their friends Mats Levén (Candlemass, Therion, Skyblood), Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Therion, Notre Dame), Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) and Michael Denner (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate)! With ‘Death on a Pale Horse’, the Swedes bring you an epic tale of witchcraft, the black death and revenge!

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CD Digipak
12" Gatefold double vinyl (black)
12" Gatefold double vinyl (bloody mary) 200 copies
T-shirt (Print on Demand)