Funeral Mist


Artist: Funeral Mist

Catalog Number: SOM729

Release Date US: September 11th, 2012

  1. The Devil's Emissary
  2. Bringer of Terror
  3. Nightside Phantom
  4. Funeral Mist
  5. The God Supreme
  6. Hellspell 2
  7. Realm of Shades
  8. Hellspell
  9. Nightside Phantom [demo version]
  10. The Old Ones Grin

This CD version features not only the complete "Devilry" recording from 1998, including the originally vinyl-only bonus song "Hellspell 2", but also the "Havoc" demo from 1996. The early days of Funeral Mist were placed under the sign of a ferocious and vicious Black Metal, yet always underlined by a sick sense for the unexpected. Song structures, melodies and vocal patterns, yes, even a drum solo, make the "Devilry" and "Havoc" sessions stand out then as much as today : Funeral Mist was born under the doomed star of unmistakable uniqueness.

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