Outlaw Order

Dragging down the Enforcer

Artist: Outlaw Order

Catalog Number: SOM184

Release Date: November 10th, 2008

  1. Intro
  2. Relive the Crime
  3. Safety off
  4. Double Barrel solves everything
  5. Alcohol Tobacco Firearms
  6. Mercy Shot
  7. Narco-Terroristos
  8. Siege Mentality
  9. Walking Papers
  10. Dragging down the Enforcer
  11. Outro

100% made up of Eyehategod members! When Katrina hit New Orleans, that tornado-bitch came crushing by with a mighty roar. Now New Orleans strikes back! Created as a side project of cult band EYEHATEGOD while Jimmy Bower was busy playing drums for DOWN, OUTLAW ORDER arose. Entirely made up of EYEHATEGOD members, the band released a limited edition 7" EP in 2003 called "Legalize Crime", focusing on the criminal theme since all 5 members were on probation at the time of formation, and have consistently been in trouble with the law - original bassist Marc Shultz is currently serving a prison sentence. Now the time has finally come for OUTLAW ORDER to draw their guns on a worldwide scale. "Dragging down the Enforcer", the band's debut full-length, holds 13 explosive bullets and delivers a massive onslaught of Bourbon-gargling vocals and mammoth riffs erupting like viscous magma from the cracked ground. This musical representation of a natural disaster has a name - Sludge.

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