Artist: Aghora

Catalog Number: SOM157

Release Date: May 21st, 2007

  1. Lotus
  2. Atmas Heave
  3. Moksha
  4. Open close the Book
  5. Garuda
  6. Dual Alchemy
  7. Dime
  8. 1316
  9. Fade
  10. Skinned
  11. Mahayana
  12. Formless
  13. Purification

Formless", the long awaited second album from US prog metal act AGHORA, finds the band with new members and noted producer Neil Kernon at the controls. New vocalist Diana Serra's strong yet beautiful voice compliments and improves this stunningly competent and original music. Famed drummer Sean Reinert (DEATH, CYNIC, GORDIAN KNOT) continues to inspire awe in all who experience his immensely talented addition to an already impressive progressive metal monster. This is heavy metaphysical metal with a technical edge that will blow away any progressive leaning metal fan.

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