Hierophany of the Open Grave

Artist: Nightbringer

Catalog Number: SUA021

Release Date: August 19th, 2011

Release Date US: September 13th, 2011

  1. Rite of the Slaying Tongue
  2. Eater of the Black Lead
  3. Psychagogoi
  4. Lucifer Trismegistus
  5. The Gnosis of Inhumation
  6. The Angel of Smokeless Fire
  7. Dreaming Above the Sepulcher
  8. Via Tortuosa
  9. Old Night

NIGHTBRINGER are rising to the forefront of the currently prospering American Black Metal scene that has long stood in the shadow of its European counterpart. The band formed in the year 1999 and is beyond all doubts of being trend jockeys. Frost glazed hymns burning with bitter buzzing melodies, over which deviously arranged multilayered vocals are spewing throat-grinding blasphemies mark the band as traditionalists holding up the orthodox canon of second generation Black Metal. With the albums "Death and the Black Work" (2008) and "Apocalypse Sun" (2010) heralding their coming as well as performing with major acts such as WATAIN and KRIEG, NIGHTBRINGER are now ready to conquer outside their homeland with the new American darkness of "Hierophany of the Open Grave"!

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