Hell Militia

Hollow Void

Artist: Hell Militia

Catalog Number: SUA126

Release Date: March 18th, 2022

  1. Lifeless Light
  2. Genesis Undone
  3. Dust of Time
  4. Within the Maze
  5. Hollow Void
  6. The Highest Fall
  7. Kingdoms Scorched
  8. Veneration
  9. Corruption Rejoice

Ten years have eclipsed since French underground black metal HELL MILITIA released their previous studio album ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. Since the band regrouped in 2018, the tumult of recent years, the pandemic and real life’s comings-and-goings were perfect ammunition for the creation of ‘Hollow Void’. The resultant album is perhaps HELL MILITIA’s most strident effort to date. The band’s orthodox, unrelenting approach coalesce into an album that exploits the true nature of black metal: savage, unforgiving, and grim.

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