Artist: Kingcrow

Catalog Number: SOM790

Release Date: August 23rd, 2024


  1. Kintsugi
  2. Glitch
  3. Parallel Lines
  4. New Moon Harvest
  5. Losing Game
  6. White Rabbit's Hole
  7. Night Drive
  8. Vicious Circle
  9. Hopium

Kingcrow emerges once more from Italy's progressive rock forge with a legacy etched in eclectic sounds and emotional narrative. Their evolution is meticulously woven progressive rock, alternative ambiance, and metal, transcending mere genre labels. With Hopium, Kingcrow delivers a poignant album that fuses profound introspection with the raw vitality of rock. Lyrics that dwell in existential quandaries meet melodies that pulse with life, encapsulating the band's journey through trials and resilience. This collection of aural stories is wrapped in musical precision that only Kingcrow can muster, an intricate escapade for the senses. Hopium marks a zenith in Kingcrow's story, a manifesto of passion and a defiant stride into the auditory unknown. Feel the rush. Defy the silence. With Kingcrow's Hopium, soar beyond the boundaries of sound and self. Dive in.

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