Black Comedy


Artist: Black Comedy

Catalog Number: SOM173

Release Date: February 18th, 2008

  1. The Emergence (Intro)
  2. Favourite Hateobject
  3. War Incognito
  4. Sum Of All Shit
  5. Prime Specimen
  6. Civil Paranoia
  7. At One With Decadence
  8. Lord Of Locust
  9. Inhale The Sulphur
  10. Crawl To Exceed
  11. Subtle Conversion (Sic Transit Gloria Mundi)
  12. Story Of The God, The Beast And The Fools Between

Feat. Susperia, ex-Dimmu Borgir and ex-Old Man's Child members. The culmination of the last years' intense writing and studio-work has resulted in "Instigator", BLACK COMEDY's highly anticipated debut album that hit the shelves early 2008. Massively tight guitar riffing, powerful drums, synthetic leads and pads, ear-shattering and epic vocals all come together on this 12 track tour de force where BLACK COMEDY finally bring its modern, futuristic metal to the masses. The album was recorded at Strand Studio during 2007 with production and mastering being handled by Marius Strand with Bjørn M. Borg as co producer.

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