Artist: Furia

Catalog Number: SOM121

Release Date: January 26th, 2006

  1. The Descent Of A Warrior
  2. The Imperfection Of The Soul
  3. Errare Humanum Est
  4. Dogmas Fall
  5. Isolement
  6. Insomnia
  7. A Heart In Escape
  8. Lamentations
  9. Evil Spells Approval
  10. Declaration Of War
  11. Of a Belief, The Beginning Of A truth
  12. The Result Of A Destiny

FURIA creates melodic, modern and heavy Thrash/Death Metal where sharp riffs, shingling rhythmic and symphonic keyboards illustrate their music. After releasing two full length albums, founding member Sébastien leaves FURIA which allows guitarist Stéphane to step in and to bring his great musical skills and stage experience to the team. From then on, FURIA is definitively rising ! First with an appearance on Fury Fest 2005's main stage (along with SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, DIMMU BORGIR, ANTHRAX) for a tremendous show in front of 2.000 people, then with the release of a brand new mini-CD titled "Rebirth", containing four brand new songs and four videos. After a two month recording session, we now release the brand-new full-length album "Kheros". While "Rebirth" was an introduction to FURIA's new sound, this release confirms the thrashier, more direct and more modern sound !

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