Artist: Gonin-Ish

Catalog Number: SOM180

Release Date: November 10th, 2008

  1. Tokoyami Kairou
  2. Nare no Hate
  3. Shagan no Tou
  4. Jinbaika
  5. Muge no Hito
  6. Akai Kioku

Gonin-Ish" means "to unite songs by five members" in Japanese. The band's entire output is self-sufficient - songwriting, lyrics, artwork, layout, recording, distribution, mastering are all handled within this quintet and remain pure to their homeland and vision. Vocalist Anoji chooses ancient words from Japanese classic literature that aren't widely used in the modern world and are difficult to decipher, even for the Japanese public. The band pull from their country's past and take this forgotten heritage to the future through their pure, progressive output. When the self-titled debut came out in 2000, people described GONIN ISH's music as progressive rock, death metal, art rock, and fusion. Whatever the genre, the truth is the listen is both enjoyable and a lesson of inheritance and innovation. The band's sophomore effort, 2005's "Naishikyo-Sekai" (meaning "your inner world"), finally gets a Western release due to a buzz-worthy demand by fans and musicians alike. This original, irresistible album is not bound by any genre but to true art, creation and expression. Welcome to a new chapter in music, a new chapter in Japanese culture and a new contender in the world of progressive metal.

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