Black Sheep Wall

No Matter where it Ends

Artist: Black Sheep Wall

Catalog Number: SOM251

Release Date: March 23rd, 2012

Release Date US: June 5th, 2012

  1. Agnostic Demon
  2. Liminality
  3. Vitruvian God
  4. Black Church
  5. Torrential
  6. Ambient Ambitions
  7. Cognitive Dissonance
  8. Personal Prophet
  9. Flesh Tomb

BLACK SHEEP WALL are not trendy, but fully in the current trend of modern music. Hailing from Moorpark in the greater area of Los Angeles, these Americans redefine the meaning of heaviness. While bursting from the same energy that drives classic NOLA bands like EYEHATEGOD, BLACK SHEEP WALL incorporate the structured patterns of late NEUROSIS with a little dash of the groove found in early MASTODON. BLACK SHEEP WALL officially formed late 2006. Their Do It Yourself debut "I Am God Songs" created such a buzz on the internet that it got signed for an official release late 2008. Now BLACK SHEEP WALL re-emerge with the most stunning "No Matter Where It Ends" to be released on Season of Mist. Get ready for a musical rollercoaster ride as heavy as dark and yet catchy as it can be!

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