Sign of The Southern Cross, The

Of Mountains and Moonshine

Artist: Sign of The Southern Cross, The

Catalog Number: SOM186

Release Date: September 21st, 2009

  1. ... Of Mountains & Moonshine
  2. Huck Finn
  3. The South is Rising
  4. Dead Skies
  5. Weeping Willow
  6. Hog Callin'
  7. Scry
  8. Eating the Sun
  9. Appointed Reaper
  10. Unwelcome in that House
  11. Purge
  12. A Stitch in Time (To Save Nine)
  13. Stalking Horse

In the South of the USA , it runs through the family, they say. Their blood is as heavy as the glistening liquid, brewed up in remote moonshine distilleries hidden away in derelict shacks leaning on ragged Appalachian mountain sides. It always jumps a generation, so they also say. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that nobody has been able to fill the giant shoes left after the sad demise of PANTERA so far. Yet with THE SIGN OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS the next generation of a truly loud-assed gut-bucket of American Heavy Metal is born right now. Perfectly blending the aggressive attitude of their metal ancestry with the proud musical heritage of all-around stump stomping songs of their folk fathers, "Of Mountains and Moonshine" seeps with infectious riffs, powerful melodies and reeks of Seth Uldricks' soulful and deeply resonant vocals that mark him as an outstanding singer in the best tradition of PANTERA. Not satisfied with being the true heirs of their lost idols, these youngsters are eager to carve their own ground out of original Southern heaviness. THE SIGN OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS might well become America's next monstrous Metal act!

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