Theodor Bastard

Re-issue Oikoumene (2012)

Artist: Theodor Bastard

Catalog Number: SOM687

Release Date: June 16th, 2023

    Oikoumene (2012)

  1. Oikoumene
  2. Gerda
  3. Tapachula
  4. Takaya Mija
  5. Farias
  6. Benga
  7. Sagrabat (Diumgo) feat. Julien Jacob
  8. Intifadah
  9. Clean Kron
  10. Sol De Morte
  11. Anubis
  12. Jamarakaya
  13. Mama Terra
  14. Atika
  15. Benga (FUN-DA-MENTAL VERSION) remixed by Aki Nawaz

THEODOR BASTARD’s music is set out to take listeners to unexplored and other worlds. From the cold and twilight realms of the marshy swamps of taiga and mossy tundra, to unexplored places where the earthly plane and the spiritual world are separated only by a thin ghostly veil. For over twenty years THEODOR BASTARD have been known for their amazingly serious attitude to the world beyond that very frontier. THEODOR BASTARD is one of Russia’s most unusual bands representing the electronic Karelian neofolk genre. Also elements of dark wave and trip hop are present in the band’s music. The message doesn’t carry out everyday problems and is mainly focused on mythology and shamanism. The hallmarks of the band are the unique and bewitching lead vocals of multi-talent Yana Veva and the impeccable sound producing skills of Fedor Svolotch, founder of the band who created the band 20 years ago. From album to album, THEODOR BASTARD carefully and masterly combine many different exotic and traditional instruments. The special northern atmosphere of their albums is created with Nordic nyckelharpa and jouhikko, primeval flutes created from tree roots and shamanic percussion. “We live in the north of Russia in Karelia, which has a difficult fate” states band leader Fedor Svolotch. He continues: “This is a harsh northern region with unpredictable nature, with spruce and pine forests. Bears are found here. Moose and hare come straight to my house. In Karelia there are beautiful cliffs and clear lakes with fresh water. These are our personal places of power, the places where stones and winds are talking to us. Singing for us a songs of the northern harsh nature”. THEODOR BASTARD consists of 6 musicians, turning their performances into a dark magic act that sends the audience back to Northern musical traditions, to the Karelian and the Russian folk. The musicians use a lot of electronic devices and ethnic instruments, but also use their own hand-made instruments from stones, human bone and the roots of Karelian birch.

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