Cantata Sangui

On Rituals and Correspondence in Constructed Realities

Artist: Cantata Sangui

Catalog Number: SOM178

Release Date: January 26th, 2008

  1. In Half-Light
  2. We'll Have It On Us
  3. Exaltata
  4. Broken Stars
  5. For The Forgotten One
  6. Fruitarians
  7. The Seven Liers-In-Wait
  8. Reality
  9. No Longer In The Eyes Of Aletheia
  10. Sidecast
  11. Lazarus
  12. De Profundis

CANTATA SANGUI smash like a steam-rolling juggernaut through massive walls of sound. The Finns are exclusively fuelled by the mighty clanging and pounding heaviness of bass-strings. By contrast the lusciously deep velvet voice of singer Anna Pienimäki snakes seductively through the monolithic musical structures created by those thick steel-chords. As the foundations of CANTATA SANGUI were laid down by two bass-players, the continued absence of guitars evolved without a second thought and was never considered to be a lack: "We don't need to down-tune as our sound is heavy by nature!", states Anna confidently. With the accuracy of practising research scientists, CANTATA SANGUI dissect, examine and re-assemble the genetic codes of Doom, Gothic and even Black Metal to shape the avant-garde monster of "On Rituals and Correspondence in Constructed Realities". Parallel to their musical investigations the band lyrically researches the depths of ancient mythologies, natural sciences and philosophies. Yet despite their applied intelligence on all aspects of their progressive album, CANTATA SANGUI never fail to impress with down to earth Metal and a heavy groove. Use your head, break your neck!

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