Rotting Christ

Passage to Arcturo + Non Serviam

Artist: Rotting Christ

Catalog Number: SOM124

Release Date: January 23rd, 2006

    Passage to Arcturo

  1. Intro - Ach Golgotha
  2. Old Coffin Spirit
  3. Forest of N'Gai
  4. The mystical Meeting
  5. Gloria De Domino Inferni
  6. Inside the Eye of Algond
  7. Bonus - The Nereid of Esgalduin
  8. Bonus - Vicious Joy & Black Delight
  9. Bonus - Feast of the grand Whore

    Non Serviam

  1. The fifth Illusion
  2. Wolfera The Jackal
  3. Non Serviam
  4. Morallity of a dark Age
  5. Where Mortals have no Pride
  6. Fethroesforia (Instrumental)
  7. Mephesis of black Crystal
  8. Ice shaped God
  9. Saturn Unlock Avey's Son
  10. Bonus video tracks - Morality of a dark Age (live in Mexico '94)
  11. Bonus video tracks - Feast f the grand Whore (live in Mexico '94)
  12. Bonus video tracks - Non Serviam (live in Greece 2002)

Here they are! Death metal legends ROTTING CHRIST's mythical early recordings are at last re-released together, in a double CD packed with extras. Initially released in 1991, the band's first mini-LP "Passage to Arcturo" set the elements that would characterize ROTTING CHRIST's personal style in the years to come as well as that occult spirit which is reminiscent of their first recordings. "Non Serviam" (1994) has a characteristic sound of the Storm studio (which was essentially the band's private studio) that marked the whole Greek scene and established the band as one of the most acclaimed death metal acts worldwide.

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