Regarde les Hommes Sucer

Artist: Gronibard

Catalog Number: SOM656

Release Date: May 20th, 2022

  1. Fast Gays Of Humanity
  2. L'Enfer des Zombites
  3. Mon Siamois Maléfique
  4. Lady Boy
  5. Finger In Anus
  6. Intermerde 1
  7. Unholy Horses Of Evil
  8. Sperm Smoker
  9. J'ai été livré par DPD
  10. Le Monstre des Zizis
  11. To Ride, Shoot Sperm And Drink The Juice
  12. Intermerde 2
  13. Individual Thought Pâté
  14. Sperm Holocaust
  15. Regarde les Hommes Sucer
  16. De Mysterfriize Pomme Bananas

Clean your underwear, Gronibard is back! After 14 years of deafening silence that nobody has necessarily missed, the grindcore quintet returns with ‘Regarde Les Hommes Sucer’, a new album that smells of the anus and other delicate aromas. Faithful to its original values, Gronibard deliberately remains – given the limited skills of each of its members, this is in any case the communication strategy that the group has adopted – stupid and limited to what happens under the belt. Stuck at the anal stage since its creation, the group finds itself in perfect harmony with these shitty times.  And this album then? ‘Regarde Les Hommes Sucer’ lasts 34 minutes and contains 16 short, compact, and fitting songs. Gronibard respects nothing and targets anything that moves, including itself. Among the many pieces of excellence, let us mention the conceptual “Mon siamois maléfique,” the boiling “L’enfer des zombites,” the fantastic “Sperm Smoker” or the very shady “Le monstre des zizis.” Message to all headbangers: you are not done with having a headache. P.S. to fans of the band – hide your dongs well, Gronibard is back!

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