Rest in Morbid Darkness

Artist: Pest

Catalog Number: SUA002

Release Date: January 21st, 2008

  1. Possessed by the Beast
  2. Nights in the Cursed Chapel
  3. Blessed by Hellfire
  4. Rest in Morbid Darkness
  5. Bestial Crucifixion
  6. Vomit up the Blood of Jesus
  7. Shadows of the Dead
  8. Final Strike of Doom
  9. The Lust for Cruelty

Sweden's PEST were created with the sole goal to deliver pure Black Metal in the old vein, no females or keyboards involved. As 2007 marks the end of the first decade of PEST with two full length albums and several EP's, "Rest in Morbid Darkness" consists of nine hymns bleeding from infernal energies, violent sickness, lurking horror and triumphant bloodshed, all in the spirit of blackened demo metal. The music is spawned in the darkest of depths from the inhuman mind. Deceitful, deranged and depraved music from the true tyrants of Swedish Black Metal.

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