Funeral Mist


Artist: Funeral Mist

Catalog Number: SOM728

Release Date US: September 11th, 2012

  1. Agnus Dei
  2. Breathing Wounds
  3. Holy Poison
  4. Sun of Hope
  5. Perdition's Light
  6. Across the Qliphoth
  7. Realm of Plagues
  8. Circle of Eyes
  9. Bread to Stone
  10. In Manus Tuas

Salvation" was recorded 2001 at the Necromorbus studio and is certainly one of the most genre-defining productions by producer (and, at the time, Funeral Mist drummer !) Tore Stjerna. The sound replicates the radical essence of a record that was meant to set new boundaries to Black Metal, the limits of which is solely the unique and twisted vision of mastermind Arioch (also frontman since 2004, under the name Mortus, of swedish Black Metal pioneers Marduk). "Salvation" set new standards in terms of riffing, use of samples, musical violence, lyrical perversion ; truth be told, in most aspects. A decade later it is still as revolutionary and challenging, proving that it is by all means a record of historical relevance.

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