Vous Autres

Sel de Pierre

Artist: Vous Autres

Catalog Number: SUA117

Release Date: September 25th, 2020

  1. Onde
  2. Vesuve
  3. Ecueil
  4. Sans Sèves
  5. In Humus
  6. Nitre

The French post black metal formation VOUS AUTRES now return with ‘Sel de Pierre’, an album where a glimpse of light cracks into the gigantic wall of despair and melancholy they used to build. As sharp and beautiful as a blooming black thistle, ‘Sel de Pierre’ summons wide panoramas of nature: from the crumpled lands to the menacing seas, taking the listener from place to place without ever revealing when and where this unique sound came from. The journey through ‘Sel de Pierre’ is as intense as its predecessors. Only now, hope is summoned into a place where is has no apparent meaning, yet it has a reason to be.

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