Artist: Eths

Catalog Number: SOM262

Release Date: May 18th, 2012

Release Date US: September 17th, 2013

  1. Méléna
  2. Crucifère
  3. Détruis-moi
  4. Septum Lucidum
  5. Le fruit des anges
  6. Infini
  7. Rutsah
  8. Je vous hais
  9. L'instant sourd
  10. Simiesque
  11. Ailleurs c'est ici
  12. Elle s'endort
  13. Crucifère [demo]
  14. Détruis-moi [demo]
  15. Aleph [Infini demo]
  16. Je vous hais [demo]

French heavy-stars ETHS are about to embark on an extended tour that will lead them first through their home country and later throughout Europe to promote their critically acclaimed new blockbuster "III". This is the perfect moment to make their debut full-length "Soma" available for their fast growing fan community once again. When "Soma" was released it became an overnight success and catapulted the quintet from Marseille not only on the covers of nearly every music magazine in France, but also outsold established metal-headliners like CHILDREN OF BODOM or CRADLE OF FILTH there. The pure raw and undiluted energy and anger bursting out from "Soma" and the stunning vocals of singer Candice make this album a milestone until today. Now re-issued with four previously unreleased exclusive bonus tracks from the demo sessions, this version of "Soma" is a must have for old and new fans!

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