Somali Yacht Club

The Sea

Artist: Somali Yacht Club

Catalog Number: SOM629

Release Date: December 10th, 2021

  1. Vero
  2. Religion of Man
  3. Blood Leaves a Trail
  4. Hydrophobia
  5. 84 Days
  6. Crows

As the follow-up to SOMALI YACHT CLUB’s highly successful debut record ‘The Sun’, second full-length ‘The Sea’ was greeted with anticipation by the stoner rock community. Originally released in 2018, ‘The Sea’ takes the listener on another mind-bending voyage, with the rock trio guiding them and steering between post-rock dreamscapes and groovy riffs. Characterized by a more tranquil and evolved sound, ‘The Sea’ can be seen as a landmark in the SOMALI YACHT CLUB discography.

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