Somewhere Sadness Wanders / Schnee (IV)

Artist: Drudkh

Catalog Number: SUA082

Release Date: August 25th, 2017

  1. DRUDKH – All Shades Of Silence
  2. DRUDKH – The Night Walks Towards Her Throne
  3. PAYSAGE D'HIVER – Schnee IV

Black 12" heavy weight vinyl in gatefold sleeve limited to 500 copies worldwide. On the third and final split release after the EPs with HADES ALMIGHTY and GRIFT, Ukrainian underground black metal veterans DRUDKH collaborate with Swiss atmospheric black metal project PAYSAGE D'HIVER. Mastermind Roman Sayenko continues to draw his lyrical inspiration from Ukrainian poets. "All Shades Of Silence" derives from the writings of Yevhen Pluzhnyk (1898-1936), who died in a Stalinist gulag. His contemporary Maik Yohansen (1895-1937), who penned the words in "The Night Walks Towards Her Throne" shared a similar fate by being murdered with the guns of a Soviet firing squad. Both tracks clearly show Roman Sayenko's musical handwriting by perfectly blending raw harshness, epic melodies and a touch of folklore into black metal masterpieces.

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