Artist: Eths

Catalog Number: SOM168

Release Date: October 15th, 2007

  1. Bulimiarexia
  2. Ondine
  3. NaOCL
  4. Tératologie
  5. V.I.T.R.I.O.L
  6. Priape
  7. Hydracombustio
  8. Atavhystérie
  9. Rythmique de la bête
  10. Ileùs Matricis
  11. Ileùs Térébelle
  12. Holocauste en trois temps
  13. Anima Exhalare
  14. Liquide éphémère

Dark and powerful metal with tortured atmospheres, led by charismatic female singer Candice, who with her amazing voice sings, talks, whispers and shouts. We hereby present ETHS! In 2003 ETHS see their breakthrough in their home country France. Their second EP "Samantha" (2002 Coriace/Musicast) is a real success and gives them TV appearances, tons of press articles, press samplers and metal compilations (Dédales, Nu Metal 3 – Universal Music, Metal Area – Inca/EMI). Energetic and convincing shows establish ETHS' image as a strong live band. 2004 confirms the ETHS success story with the release of their first full-length album "Soma" (Sriracha Records/PIAS). ETHS make the front cover of several specialized magazines (Rockone, Rocksound and Hard N Heavy) and do a huge tour in France, Belgium and Switzerland (120 shows). The band also plays the biggest summer festivals in France, like Eurockéennes and Furyfest, and the Dour Festival in Belgium. The song "Détruis moi" receives airplay for over one year on Le Mouv' (national radio station), and their video clip "Crucifère" is regularly shown on MTV. After having sold more then 25.000 copies in France, Belgium and Switzerland only of their debut, ETHS now present their awaited follow up "Tératologie" to the world. Mastered by Georges Marino (METALLICA ,SEPULTURA, AC/DC) at Sterling Sound, New York, USA. "This special band finally knows how to make true their great potential." 87/100 Aardschok (NL) "Forget everything you thought you knew about ETHS, because it's here and now that the slaughter really begins." Rockmag (FR)

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