The Highest Level

Artist: Defiled

Catalog Number: SOM678

Release Date: April 28th, 2023

  1. Off-limits
  2. Stealth
  3. The Highest Level
  4. Entrapped
  5. The Status Quo
  6. Warmonger
  7. Demonization
  8. Inquisition
  9. Madness Accelerated
  10. Delusion
  11. Only the Strongest Survive
  12. Red World
  13. The Last Straw
  14. Requiem
  15. The Speech

When it comes to straight-forward, bone-crushing death metal, Tokyo’s DEFILED delivers! ‘The Highest Level’ stays true to the traditional death metal formula, while the band’s gritty songwriting approach lends to its authenticity. DEFILED attempts to make no frills with this new full-length, instead speaking directly to the sensibility of old school death metal fanatics who are simply looking for some face-melting violence!

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