Black Tusk

The Way Forward

Artist: Black Tusk

Catalog Number: SOM780

Release Date: April 26th, 2024

    The Way Forward

  1. Out Of Grasp (2:47)
  2. Brushfire (2:22)
  3. Harness (The Alchemist) (2:35)
  4. Lessons Through Deception (2:14)
  5. Breath Of Life (5:12)
  6. Dance On Your Grave (2:54)
  7. Against the Undertow (3:06)
  8. Lift Yourself (3:31)
  9. Ocean Of Obsidian (2:50)
  10. Flee From Dawn (3:38)
  11. The Way Forward (4:40)

Black Tusk go way back. Guitarist Andrew Fidler and drummer James May both grew up down in the swamps of Savannah, Georgia, where they’ve been banging heads together for the past 19 years. While often mentioned in the same weed-infused breath as Baroness and Kylesa, Black Tusk are a different beast. These swamp monsters have never strayed far from their roots in metal, sludge and punk, though their last album found them fighting just to stay afloat after bassist Jonathan Athon’s passing. The Way Forward is just that. This album charges straight-on behind their new lineup, which includes former collaborators Chris "Scary" Adams and bassist Derek Lynch. Together, they clear a path into the future by relying more on what Black Tusk does best. Lead single “Brushfire” comes in hot with a mean, ugly, foot-stomping riff. Rough and rowdy gang vocals will have pits trampling through “Dance on Your Grave”, while “Breath of Life” rides off with a raised fist through drums that roll and crack like a thunderstorm. Nearly twenty years in, Black Tusk put the pedal to the metal harder than ever.

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