Theodor Bastard

Theodor Bastard- Vetvi

Artist: Theodor Bastard

Catalog Number: SOM615

Release Date: January 21st, 2022

  1. Umbraya Erze
  2. Vetvi (English version)
  3. Salameika
  4. Kukushka
  5. Aion
  6. Niti
  7. Veter (feat. Namgar)
  8. Yaard
  9. Beliy Gorod
  10. Kolodec
  11. Vetvi

Karelian neo-folk pioneers THEODOR BASTARD are now reissuing 2015’s ‘Vetvi’ and propose a newly recorded English version of the title-track. The symbolic album title, which is the Latin transliteration of the Russian word for "branches", is meant to represent the ideology of the “World Tree”, which connects our terrestrial earth with the heavens and the underworld. The fitting title reflects the Russian collective’s mystical artistry, which transcends worlds as it bridges contemporary sound with ancient traditions. The unlikely combination of modern electronica and archaic instrumentations creates an atmosphere that is certain to transport the listener to an enchanting wonderland that is as dark as it is ethereal.

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