Uroboric Forms

Artist: Cynic

Catalog Number: SOM770

Release Date: November 17th, 2023

    LP (12")

  1. Uroboric Forms (03:48)
  2. The Eagle Nature (03:28)
  3. Pleading for Preservation (05:03)
  4. Lifeless Irony (04:08)
  5. Thinking Being (04:53)
  6. Cruel Gentility (04:32)
  7. Denaturalizing Leaders (03:47)
  8. Extremes (02:30)
  9. A Life Astray (02:45)
  10. Agitating Affliction (03:39)
  11. Once Misguided (03:00)
  12. Weak Reasoning (03:38)
  13. Dwellers of The Threshold (03:59)

    EP (7")

  1. Uroboric Forms (Alternative Version)
  2. The Eagle Nature (Alternate Version)

'Uroboric Forms' includes demos that Cynic recorded leading up to their groundbreaking debut 'Focus'.   The '88 demo glances back at their earliest days, when the band was still in its rawest form. It was recorded on a boom box while Masvidal and Sean Reinert were high school classmates.   Their next demo channeled enough teenage rage to kick up a buzz among fellow South Beach metal heads, but by 1991, Cynic had elevated their technical skills to such death-defying heights, that the ‘91 blew away the suits at Roadrunner Records. 

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12" Vinyl LP Gatefold w/ 7" EP (White))
12" Vinyl LP Gatefold w/ 7" EP (Black)

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