Veraldar Nagli

Artist: Rimfrost

Catalog Number: SUA007

Release Date: November 16th, 2009

  1. Veraldar Nagli
  2. The Black Death
  3. The Raventhrone
  4. Legacy Through Blood
  5. Mountains Of Mána
  6. I Stand My Ground
  7. Scandinavium
  8. Void Of Time

Scandinavian Black Metal has been in dire need for an injection of fresh blood during the last years. Now RIMFROST are powerfully sticking it to this scene with ice-cold needles. "Veraldar Nagli", which translates as "Axis of the World" meaning the North Star, is unleashing an avalanche of frost-bitten, melodic riffing. The Swedes from Borås are organically fusing Black, Death and Thrash Metal into a mighty sound of their own. Drawing deeply from their roots like IMMORTAL, METALLICA and AMON AMARTH the RIMFROST take their songwriting with "Veraldar Nagli" to a new level.

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