Oceans of Slumber

Where Gods Fear to Speak (Single)

Artist: Oceans of Slumber

Catalog Number: SOM805DIGS1

Release Date: April 15th, 2024

  1. Where Gods Fear to Speak (6:25)

“Where Gods Fear to Speak” opens with more of the sultry doom metal that long-time fans have come to expect from Oceans of Sluimber. But the lead single off the Houston band’s upcoming fifth album breaks entirely new ground by envisioning a dark and cinematic new subgenre of metal that’s theirs and theirs alone. Punishing blast beats and a blackened torrent of melodic tremolo picking collide with Cammie Beverly’s powerhouse cleans, a skyrocketing guitar solo and synths that swirl like the aura of some mystical planet.  All five members of Oceans of Slumber are from Texas, where organized religion can be as suffocating as the dust or heat. That tension raises "Where Gods Fear to Speak" to truly Biblical proportions. The chant that creeps in past the four minute mark is a direct quote from the Book of 2 Corinthians.  Of course, nothing is strong enough to hold down Cammie's voice. Only now, she's flexing a guttural new muscle: death growls  On "Where Gods Fear to Speak", Oceans of Slumber defy any and all convention. 

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