The Abbey

Word of Sin

Artist: The Abbey

Catalog Number: SOM676

Release Date: February 17th, 2023

    Word of Sin

  1. Rat King
  2. A Thousand Dead Witches
  3. Crystallion
  4. Starless
  5. Desert Temple
  6. Widow’s Will
  7. Queen of Pain
  8. Old Ones: Prequel
  9. Old Ones

Drawing lyrical inspiration from esoteric organizations, their beliefs and own practices, Finnish music veteran Jesse Heikkinen and co-lead vocalist Natalie Koskinen (Shape of Despair) weaved ritualistic tales from the darkest corners of themselves to pair with music that is a provocative, alluring kaleidoscope of dark, heavy rock. The result is the mystical Word of Sin, The Abbey’s nine-song debut long-player. Featuring former Sentenced and The Man-Eating Tree drummer Vesa Ranta, Janne Markus (guitar, also of The Man-Eating Tree) and Henri Arvola (bass), the emerging progressive doom rock band debut album is certain to entrance and captivate the listeners with its spell.

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