Artist: Trepalium

Catalog Number: SOM198

Release Date: September 9th, 2009

  1. Daddy's Happy
  2. Glowing Cloud
  3. Blink of Time
  4. Addicted to Oblivion
  5. Inner Hell
  6. Unexpectable Lies
  7. And now...
  8. Usual Crap
  9. Become
  10. World Plague
  11. Saddistic Peace
  12. Fant-easy Reality

Named after an ancient torture device, TREPALIUM sure know how to crush bones with their technical, multi-faceted yet wrenching death metal. In Latin, "trepalium" also means "labour", a concept the French band knows more than well, being referred to as one of the best live performers of their generation. Since its creation TREPALIUM has been a member of the Klonosphere, a group of French metal bands featuring KLONE, HACRIDE, MISTAKEN ELEMENT and many other acts who are not afraid to cross the boundaries and bring metal to a new dimension of diversity, technicality and energy – just like their friends from GOJIRA, with whom they are about to tour once again. After debut and sophomore albums "Through the Absurd" (2004) and "Alchemik Clockwork of Disorder" (2006), TREPALIUM unleash "XIII", definitely a future spearhead for the power death metal genre.

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