DEATHSPELL OMEGA – Paracletus – September 16, 2010

Posted on September 16, 2010

More information about Paracletus

French black metallers DEATHSPELL OMEGA’s fifth full-length will be out on November 9th. Here are the cover artwork and tracklisting of this dark gem…

  1. Epiklesis I
  2. Wings of Predation
  3. Abscission
  4. Dearth
  5. Phosphene
  6. Epiklesis II
  7. Malconfort
  8. Have you Beheld the Fevers?
  9. Devouring Famine
  10. Apokatastasis Pantôn

To whose who are wondering what the artwork is about, let’s just say it is the visual equivalent of the music featured on the album? The very essence of “Paracletus” is pitch black darkness. Colder than the graves of aeons. Lifeless silence. An overwhelming stream of fire. A messenger meant to purify, the third Hypostasis, the light and the hope of the world. Comforting warmth. Increasing warmth. Hearken! In the distance, dying echoes of hissing, barking. Fire consumes, turns into Hellfire. Reptilian shades, contamination, corruption. Opposites collide in feverish miasmas. Perdition overcomes in funeral glee.

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