DVRK Takes Your Breath Away on Breathless

Posted on May 13, 2024

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In an era where metal yearns for innovation yet craves its dark roots, DVRK emerges with their second single, Breathless, from their debut EP, Infinite Reminiscence. This track plunges listeners into an intense narrative journey, encapsulating the essence of deathcore, nu-metal, and bass music into a singular, formidable sound.

Breathless is the morbid tale of a killer, a chilling exploration of the psyche nestled within DVRK‘s signature seismic collision of sound and sentiment. This track exemplifies the band’s genius in fusing heavy, intricate riffs with deep, compelling storytelling, set against the backdrop of their unique soundscapes.

Since forming in 2019, DVRK has evolved from a one-man project to a full-scale assault on the senses, comprising Peter Morgan (Vocals), Bastien Deleule (Guitar), Gerald Audiard (Guitar), Fabien Letren (Bass), and Vincent Vidal (Drums). Breathless showcases the quintet’s ability to navigate through themes of addiction, depression, and loss, making their debut EP a polished gem of multifaceted sonic passages.

Recorded at Nalcon Studio, DVRK‘s Infinite Reminiscence received its potent essence, meticulously shaped under the masterful ear of Matt Thomas at Ashtone Audio. With notable collaborations and a recent 2024 Japan tour supporting Emmure, DVRK is not just releasing music; they are etching their mark into the deathcore scene.

Infinite Reminiscence is out June 7th on Season of Mist.

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  1. Distant Roads
  2. Breathless
  3. The Secret
  4. Paco
  5. Colors
  6. F.A.M.