Artist: Warbeast

Catalog Number: SOM301

Release Date: April 12th, 2013

  1. Cryogenic Thawout
  2. Nightmares in the Sky
  3. Egotistical Bastard
  4. Nobody
  5. The Day of...
  6. Warbeast
  7. Blood Moon
  8. War of the World
  9. Destroy
  10. Nameless

Dallas, Texas' thrash metal kings, WARBEAST return with their devastating second album "Destroy!" Led by former RIGOR MORTIS vocalist, Bruce Corbitt, WARBEAST's uncompromising brand of no-mercy thrash has steam-rolled towns all over the world. Swirling guitars and punishing blastbeats mesh with the fierce vocals creating modern thrash unlike anything heard prior. WARBEAST stand tall among the crowd as the unchallenged champions of thrash. Recommended if You Like: LAMB OF GOD, PANTERA, SLAYER, DOWN, TESTAMENT, KREATOR, METALLICA

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