Artist: Arkan

Catalog Number: SOM179

Release Date: June 16th, 2008

  1. Groans of the Abyss
  2. Lords Decline
  3. Mistress of the Damned Souls
  4. Lamma Bada "Under the Spell of Haughtiness"
  5. Tied Fates
  6. The Seven Gates
  7. Athaoura "Shaped by the Hands of Gods"
  8. Chaos Cypher
  9. Defying the Idols
  10. El Houdou
  11. Native Order
  12. Amaloun Jadid

ARKAN was created in 2005 by then THE OLD DEAD TREE drummer Foued Moukid. With the release of their debut MCD "Burning Flesh" the following year, ARKAN planted the seeds of a new brand of metal whose roots come from the Moroccan and Algerian cultures. "Hilal", the first full-length album, goes way deeper into this ethnic concept, adding a massive array of traditional and folkloric instruments like oûd, mandole, bendir and derbouka, which are perfectly blended into a stream of modern death metal. Produced by Fredrik Nordström and mastered by Jacob Hansen, "Hilal" displays original songwriting and elaborate arrangements. Take a trip on this fantastic one hour journey from South to North… and back again! "Excellent Metal Music with Arabic influences, hard riffing guitars and strong rhythm. A subtle mix between complex sonorities and atmospheres, ARKAN's music has its own universe with originality and instrumental richness. A talented band to follow!" Fredrik Nordström "ARKAN seems to be in the same top league as the new breed of French metal. This is the cream of the crop!" Jacob Hansen

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