Norwegian Apocalypse

Artist: Tsjuder

Catalog Number: SOM126

Release Date: September 18th, 2006

  1. Sodomizing the Lamb
  2. Helvete
  3. I-10
  4. Unholy Paragon
  5. Lord of Terror
  6. Ghoul
  7. Mouth of Madness
  8. Sacrifice (Bathory cover)
  9. Primal Fear
  10. Beyond the Grave
  11. Malignant Coronation
  12. Eriphion Epistates
  13. Bonus
  14. Live at Tribute in Sandes

TSJUDER and their True Norwegian Black Metal have been conjured and captured for the first time on DVD ! Part of the original black metal circle, the band play with the raw Satanic spirit made popular by their peers from the early 90's, IMMORTAL, MAYHEM and ENSLAVED. No synthesizers. No female vocals. No fucking compromises. This DVD features their full show at the Sonic Solstice Festival, shot last September 24th at Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway, using multi-camera angles and recorded in 5.1 surround mix !

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