Artist: Sylvaine

Catalog Number: SOM647

Release Date: March 4th, 2022

  1. Nova
  2. Mono No Aware
  3. Nowhere, Still Somewhere
  4. Fortapt
  5. I Close My Eyes So I Can See
  6. Everything Must Come To An End

SYLVAINE solidifies its place at the apex of the atmospheric metal pantheon with its brand new full-length, ‘Nova.’ Led by multi-instrumentalist Kathrine Shepard, the album is a deeply emotional journey, swinging like a pendulum between meditative spirituality and raw vulnerability. Shepard’s ethereal voice elevates the record’s dreamy aura, enchanting the listener with its heavenly darkness.

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CD Digipak
12” gatefold vinyl Black
12” gatefold vinyl Smokey (limited to 200)
12” gatefold vinyl Strawberry Milkshake (limited to 200)

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