Bestial Mockery

Slaying the Life

Artist: Bestial Mockery

Catalog Number: SUA001

Release Date: August 20th, 2007

  1. Slaughter Mass
  2. Storm of the Beast
  3. Antichrist of War
  4. Return of the God with Napalm Eyes
  5. Black Spell of Armageddon
  6. Scream for War
  7. Deathsong
  8. Infantry Storm
  9. Funeral Pyre
  10. War Summoning
  11. Apocalypse Prayer
  12. Metal fucking Death

From the outbombed trenches of Armageddon 2007, Master Motorsåg and his blood thirsty "goatpals" are back! Behold their third album entitled "Slaying the Life". BESTIAL MOCKERY stand for the ultimate downfall of humanity in all its forms, the mockery of everything sacred and holy. "Slaying the Life", the band's new full length platter, is here to remind people that evil is everywhere and Black Metal is Satan's hand. Thrashingly evil, bleaker than black and 666% METAL! BESTIAL MOCKERY wage musical war on YOU! UNPURE – UNHOLY – UNTIGHT!

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