The Last One

Artist: Circles

Catalog Number: SOM470

Release Date: August 31st, 2018

  1. Winter
  2. Breaker
  3. The Messenger
  4. Arrival
  5. Tether
  6. Resolution
  7. Dream Sequence
  8. Renegade
  9. Blueprints for a Great Escape
  10. Alone With Ghosts

Australian progressive powerhouse CIRCLES combines djent influences with extreme metal, stadium-like riffs and soaring vocals. On 'The Last One', CIRCLES deliver on the promise to seek the edges of what is common in their genre and leap over it. As soothing as some of the melodies and vocals on the new record may sound, the more unpredictable are the crushing riffs and grooves that follow. CIRCLES are the next step in the evolution in heavy music.

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